Full Stack .Net Developer

A little about me...

I was born and raised in the Kansas City area. I currently reside in Smithville, just north of Kansas City. My wife , Alana and I, have 3 children and a house full of pets. We enjoy doing things as a family but our kids activities keep us pretty busy most of our free time. I am currently attending Centriq training's Full Stack Web Development track in the pursuit of a career change. I spent the last 14 years in the Meat manufacturing industry and recently decided on a career change. I have always had a passion for technology and have always been curious about what drives applications and websites behind the scenes. After doing some digging and discovering Centriq, and the courses that they offered, I found that development was what really picqued my interest. Now that I have started training and have had some exposure to development I know that I made the right choice. Writing code and seeing the finished product and knowing that I created it has been amazing. What I didn't expect was to finish coding a project and then be excited about all the possibilities of what I could do with it from there. From adding more visual aspects, to more user friendly tools, and making it more responsive so that users on any device could have a more free flowing experience. I do know this though. When I made this life changing decision to head into the unknown it was nerve wrecking to say the least. Now, however, the more time I spend at the keyboard, building a solid coding foundation, the more those nerves have begun to subside, and the more I realize programming, in itself, is an amazing thing, capable of mind blowing results and un-ending possibilities. It is a challenge but one that I now welcome. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Kyle Jackson

My Favorite Teams


Kansas City Chiefs

I know I know, the Chiefs haven't won a Super Bowl in my lifetime. That doesn't stop me from cheering on my hometown boys in red. There is nothing in sports like the roar of Arrowhead on a Sunday night under the lights. The time will come and they will get their 2nd championship. I just have to hope I'm still alive to see it..


Kansas City Royals

Finally, the Royals made it to the promised land in 2015, after coming up just short in 2014. Nowadays they aren't quite a championship caliber team but they have proved that it can be done and with any luck in just a few short re-building years they will be back in the playoffs and bringing home another World Series trophy. The parade for the next one might even be bigger than the last.


St. Louis Blues

My only team from outside the Kansas City area. I am a hockey fan and played as a kid so naturally I have a favorite hockey team. Since Kansas City is not home to one, St Louis is an easy choice because they are in Missouri. The Blues in fact are one of the original 8 teams that founded the NHL. They also hold one of the longests consecutive playoff apperances records by any team in the 4 major sports. 25 straight years making the playoffs. The only sad part about those 25 years was they went that whole time without winning a Stanley Cup Final.


Centriq Training

A special thank you to Centriq

I wanted to take a moment here to thank the great people at Centriq Training. Without them I am not sure I could have found a better place to learn and grow in my pursuit of a new career in IT. Top to bottom this has been an amazing place. From the first steps of meeting with Admissions, to Career and Student services, they are truly here to help all of their students succeed. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and do not hesitate a bit to help and mentor every student whenever possible. While the information that is being taught is very in depth and has to be processed rapidly, they do a great job of breaking it all down and make learning it much simpler. Words cannot express my appreciation for them all enough. Thank you, Centriq.